The humidity – decisive for the optimum climate

Apart from the temperature, the issue air humidity plays a central role, if climatic conditions shall be simulated in the laboratory. With RUMED® Test and Simulation Equipment almost any climate can be simulated precisely.

Equipped with the options humidification and dehumidification, a temperature test cabinet becomes a climatic test cabinet, which is suitable for various applications in research and quality control. You have the choice between the appliances of the Eco-Line, which are working exclusively with evaporation humidifiers, and those of the Premium-Line offering alternatively also the ultrasonic atomization. Combined with the different possibilities of dehumi­dification, the humidity range of the ultrasonic atomiza­tion extends from 20 % to 95 %. Thanks to the variety of options and accessories, the RUMED® program can be customized flexibly to your requirements. The used advanced technology with the controller Control2015 touch ensures a perfect interaction of temperature and humidity.

The application ranges of the RUMED® Climatic Test Cabinets:

  • Stability and temperature swing tests in pharmacy according to the specifications of the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and the ICH Guidelines for pharmaceutical products
  • Artificial ageing of products, such as in the packaging industry
  • Freeze-thaw alternating test, such as for building material testing
  • Storage under defined conditions
  • Quality control during production of electronic component groups
  • Storage at constant climates according to the ICH guideline in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Freeze-thaw alternating tests in building material testing show the durability of the material.

  • Avoidance of condensation with temperature alternating tests by expansion of dry compressed air, such as for clock production.

Evaporation Humidifier – a simple and cost-effective alternative

Evaporation Humidifier air humidity values beyond 60 %For this low-cost version, an evaporation humidifier is installed in the test room. Application of an evaporation humidifier is always recommendable, if it is required to keep air humidity values beyond 60 % to avoid drying of the specimen. In case of higher requirements to the control performance, an ultrasonic atomizer is recommendable (see next page). With an evaporation humidifier, the relative humidity is controlled by a PID-controller being
integrated into the Control2015 touch. The sensor is a temperature-compensated, capacitive sensor, which can be calibrated. The water supply is either realized automati­cally by direct connection to the drinking water supply or by periodical manual refilling of drinking water. The evaporation humidifier is the exclusive way of humidification of the ECO Appliance
Line. The Premium-Line furthermore includes the high-precision controllable ultrasonic atomization.

Humidification in the Eco-Line

Humidification in the Eco-Line