The CO2 Gassing – stimulation of the photosynthesis

RUMED® Test and Simulation Equipment can be equipped with the option CO2 Gassing to test the direct effects of increase of the CO2 concentration on plants with simultaneous temperature, humidity
and light control.

As fourth module, the CO2 Gassing allows examination of the short- and long-term effects of the so-called “CO2 manuring effect” on plants of the categories C3 or C4. The CO2 sensor is equipped with a multi-position CO2 and temperature adjustment, which is a guarantee for outstanding measurement accuracy. Due to the NDIR two-beam method the sensor is insensitive to soiling, and ageing effects are compensated automatically. Furthermore, the CO2 sensor has an excellent long-term stability and auto-calibration.

The CO2 concentration is controlled by the Control2015 touch, the documentation of the measured concentration is effected by the integrated recorder. This option ensures successful plant growth tests.

The CO2 Gassing is only available in the Premium-Line.

Application ranges of the CO2 Gassing:

  • Plant research
  • Zoology and botany, such as for measure­ment of the effects on the CO2 rise in the atmosphere

CO2-Begasung Pflanzenforschung Zoologie Botanik

  • Tests with “CO2 manuring”: The growth of some plant species is by up to 40 percent quicker.

  • Research field plant ecology: Which is the effect of the CO2 rise on the atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide manuring

CO2 Gassing Carbon dioxide manuring

CO2 Gassing