Optionales accessories for the Premium-Linie

Premium Linie Heated glass panel door


Heated glass panel door

The triple glazed glass panel door always ensures an optimum view into the test room. A pane heating avoids formation of condensate.

Premium Linie Internal glass door


Internal glass door

Another option: the internal glass door. When the appliance door is open, it allows a visual check of the specimen – without any unnecessary disturbance of the climate in the test room.

Premium Linie Plate evaporator


Plate evaporator

The stainless steel plate evaporator is always recommendable, whenever acid resistance is required, such as for Drosophila cultivation.

Premium Linie Reinforced insertion grids


Reinforced insertion grids

The reinforced stainless steel grid shelves are recommendable for building material testing or beer Forcier tests. Their maximum carrying capacity is up to 50 kg.

Premium Linie Condensate collecting pan


Condensate collecting pan

Collecting pan for dew water or condensate. It can be easily withdrawn to the front.

Order No.: P9910-01

Premium Linie Heated condensate collecting pan


Heated condensate collecting pan

Convenient application: A self-controlling heating rod ensures automatic evaporation of the condensate. Thus, periodical emptying of the pan can be omitted.

Order No.: P9910-02

Option ECO- Premium-Line Tubular port


Tubular port

A 45 mm duct in the side panel allows insertion of measuring lines and hoses into the test room. Delivery including cover. For the Eco-Line or as additional duct in the Premium-Line.
Order No.: P9930-01

Option ECO- Premium-Line Closing plug


Closing plug

Gas-tight closing plug, matching to the tubular port. The gasket system with a flexibility in the range of 4 mm to 23 mm is based on a rubber module with removable skins and can be adapted to the cables, tubes etc. in different sizes.
Order No.: P9930-02

Option ECO- Premium-Line Fresh air rosette


Fresh air rosette

2 Fresh air rosettes, air flow rate adjustable, located in the upper and lower area of the test room, ensure the fresh air supply into the test room.
Application: Plants, test animals.
Order No.: P9930-03

Option ECO- Premium-Line Steering rollers


Steering rollers

Mobile version of the test cabinet with 4 steering rollers, 2 of them lock-type with brake.
Order No.: P9930-04

Option ECO- Premium-Line Socket



Test room socket for connection of shakers, magnetic mixers etc. in the test room. The switching-on times can be freely programmed
by means of the Control2015 touch
Order No.: P9930-05

Option ECO- Premium-Line Door release


Door release

Electromagnetic door release by means of the Control2015 touch. Door unlocking only after successful authorization with entry in the logbook (name, date, time).
Order No.: P9930-06

TypP 210P 350P 530P 850P 1060P 1700
Additional shelf
(max. 25 kg)
Shelves of the standard delivery scope in reinforced execution
(50 kg load per shelf)
Additional shelf, reinforced
(50 kg maximum load per shelf)
Glazed panel door with pane heatingP0210-04P0350-04P0530-04P0850-04P1060-04P1700-04
Interior glass doorP0210-05P0350-05P0530-05P0850-05P1060-05P1700-05
Minimum temperature -20 °CP0210-06P0350-06P0530-06P0850-06P1060-06P1700-06
Minimum temperature -30 °C/td>

Maximum temperature +80 °CP0210-08P0350-08P0530-08P0850-08P1060-08P1700-08
Speed rate in temperature change 2 °C/min.
in the operating range of 0 to +80 °C
Stainless steel plate evaporatorP0350-10P0530-10P0850-10P1060-10P1700-10
Water-cooled refrigerating machineP0530-11P0850-11P1060-11P1700-11
Direct water cooling at restricted
temp./humidity range
Execution 110V/60HzP0210-13P0350-13P0530-13P0850-13P1060-13P1700-13