Seed-Line Seed Blower

Seed Blower

The seed blower serves for quick and easy separation of light and heavy seed. The seed is filled into a drawer of the acrylic glass cylinder. A fine-meshed sieve closes the upper end of the cylinder. A speed-controlled blower in the cylinder generates a constant upward air column. Depending on its size and weight, the seed will fall into one of the 3 collecting vessels being installed at the cylinder. The light seed will be deposited in the upper collecting vessel, whereas the heavy seed will be deposited in the lower collecting vessel. A further sieve at the bottom of the cylinder avoids penetration of seed into the blower. After disconnection of the blower, the sieve contains also the deposit, consisting of the residues and eventually of small stones. The collecting vessels are equipped with a snap buckle clip allowing easy removal.

H x W x D: 1045 mm x 440 mm x 220 mm
Weight: 7,5 kg
Order-No.: S9920-01