RUMED Seed-Line Vacuum Seed Counter

Vacuum Seed Counter

This extremely practical device facilitates the tiring and time-consuming counting and uniform depositing of seed for germination. It is particularly suitable for seed being regularly shaped and relatively even, such as grain, brassica and trifolium sorts. The seed counter consists of three main components:
a vacuum system with connection hose, a number of counting heads corresponding to the different seed sorts and a valve to dissolve the vacuum. The vacuum capacity can be adjusted by a potentiometer. The counting heads with 100, 50 or 25 bore holes are some smaller than the paper substrate and are equipped with an edge to prevent the seed from rolling off. The diameter of the holes is adapted to the size of the seed and the suction capacity of the vacuum.

The delivery scope includes 1 Counting Head, each, Order No.: S9930-20 and S9930-30.
H x W x D: 270 mm x 440 mm x 220 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Order No.: S9930-01